Let’s walk together but apart… again!

And what if we went check the conditions of the trails that are near our door?


We will progressively return to our trails, but for now only focus on those at our door, visited during the hygienic walk. What if we used these moments to look more closely at the state of the trail? The Walking Trails need to be taken care very often: signs, marks, bridges, boards, vegetation that grew after the last rains and closed the trails … There is a lot to do!

Thus Rota Vicentina would like to invite its caretakers and community, but also newcomers who want to join in this initiative. Launched in 2020, we ask all locals to take the trails that are closest to them to confirm in which conditions they are and what kind of intervention they need.

Therefore we call on you to take the trails that are closest to you to check and define what type of intervention is needed. The review period is very long but this will able us to return to the trails, even the ones outlying our doorstep, once the lockdown is over.

An important field work that with your contribution will be more effective and faster!

We believe that it is the union and love for this land that unites us even though we are far away.

Can we count on you?

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