Let’s go to Sagres?

Birdwatching Festival & Nature Activities

From October 10th to 13th we will go to the village of Sagres (South of Portugal) for the 10th edition of Birdwatching & Nature Activities Festival.

By this time, thousands of birds fly over the skies to Africa. From the Short-Toed Snake Eagles to Calonectris, many species hover in the air in search of warmer lands in Africa. As many seabirds pass along the Costa Vicentina, in epic journeys that cross the world.

In the 10th edition of one of the biggest events of biodiversity and nature lovers in Portugal, the headliner is the European Storm Petrel (as know as hydrobates pelagicus), a small seabird with admirable resilience.

For the farewell of these little visitors, the Birdwatching Festival proposes four days full of activities for everyone. These include, for example, boat trips, guided historical tours, dolphin and butterfly watching at night, mini-courses, environmental education workshops and much more!

But it doesn’t stop here! Rota Vicentina will be present with two trips: a maintenance walk of 5 km by the Vilarinha Circular Route (Friday, 11th to 10:00 a.m) and an interpretative walk of 13 km by the Historic Way and Fisherman’s Trail (Sunday, day 13 at 10:00 a.m.).

Full program is available at birdwatchingsagres.com. Discover it and “migrate” to Sagres too!

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