Rota Vicentina at Sagres Birdwatching & Nature Activities Festival

2nd to 5th of October in Sagres

As usual, at the beginning of October we go south, towards Cabo de São Vicente. At that time, the region is a crossing point for thousands of birds. Sagres is undoubtedly a point of excellence to enjoy one of the most fascinating natural world shows: birds migration.
And it’s this special moment that led to the creation of the Bird Watching Festival, even the event goes far beyond that. There’s a range of offers this year: field trips, boat tours, workshops, talks, environmental education activities, bird ringing sessions and much, much more. There will also be hikes, photography courses, history-themed guided tours or dolphin-watching.
Rota Vicentina will be there with 3 activities: the maintenance in a trail section of Fishermen’s Trail, with a reinforcement of marking between Praia do Telheiro and Cabo de S. Vicente, on October 2nd; a maintenance walk that will involve the Fishermen’s Trail and the Historic Trail, from Cabo de São Vicente and a 3.5 km educational guided walk along the Trilho Ambiental do Castelejo, on Saturday 3rd October.

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