“Fall in Love with this Land” was nominated for the Best Tourism Film at ART&TUR Festival

The video “Fall in Love with this Land” was nominated for ART & TUR Awards in the category for Best Tourism Film.

In 2019, the jury decided that the winner of this category will be chosen by public vote until October 9th (Wednesday) on ART & TUR 2019 Festival’s official website at www.tourfilm-festival.com.

This video was made by Danilo Warick, in a ZOE Films production, and highlights the natural beauty of Alentejo and Vicentine Coast, focusing on environmental protection, local development and sustainable tourism, through the statements of tourists, portuguese and foreigners, hikers. and locals, all united in love with land.

To vote for the “Fall in Love with this Land” the process is simple: just go to the “Public Vote” link and choose one of 3 ways to sign in: Facebook, Google or Twitter. After entering, choose the category and movie (s) you want to vote for and click “thumbs up”.

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