Impact on the region

Monitoring since 2013

Since its beginning, Rota Vicentina has been concerned with assessing its impact on the region in economic, social and environmental terms.

The video “Um outro olhar” summarizes the 3 studies conducted, and shares some of the main results. On this page you can find all the detailed information regarding the findings.

Main results

In 2013 the environmental impact study began, and in 2017 monitoring was complemented with surveys, automatic counters and a quantitative and behavioral study.

Who are the hikers? How are they seen by the local community? What is their impact on the territory?

  • 24 thousand hikers
  • average stay of 11 nights
  • high season in autumn and spring
  • 1,400 new jobs
  • direct revenue of 15 million Euros
  • gross value added of 8 million (the value staying in the region)

This is quantitative data, but there is much more to learn about the real impact of Rota Vicentina in the region.

Environmental Study
Environmental Study

(only in Portuguese)

At the environmental level, the objective was to measure the impact of the creation and use of trails on the sensitive areas of the Fishermen’s Trail

Quantitative Study
Quantitative Study

(only in Portuguese)

How old is the average hiker that seeks out our products? Where does he or she come from? How many nights does he or she stay in the area?

Qualitative Study
Qualitative Study

(only in Portuguese)

Finally, we decided to look beyond the numbers, and try to understand the intentions and motivations of the people who hike the Rota Vicentina. We talked personally to hikers and local communities, and some of the results from both sides were truly astounding.

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