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This region it not just all about trails. There are hidden secrets among the alleys of the villages, traditions that are still alive today, and a rich culture that is made of unique crafts. There are workshops for children and surfing lessons for all ages. You can try horseback riding and relaxing massages. There is so much more that you cannot miss!

Get to know our suggestions of activities that range from a half day to one week, in nature or related cultural activities, with specialized companies or with the local community. A little of everything so you can get to know everything a little.

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Multi-day itinerary programs throughout the region, with accommodation included

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Thematic programs for several days staying in the same accommodation, with activities included

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Programs of activities for a few hours, a full day or a week, without accommodation included



Bike Tour in Rota Vicentina & Algarve

Vila Nova de MilfontesRogilVila do BispoSagres

Portugal Heritage Tours

Vila Nova de MilfontesS.LuísS.Martinho das AmoreirasOdemiraSanta Clara-a-Velha

Kassim ~ Touro Azul

Santiago do Cacém

Aprestos ~ Touro Azul

Zambujeira do Mar

Journey to Earth History – The Geology of the Southwest Algarve

Bordeira/CarrapateiraCabo S.VicenteSagresSalemaLuz

Trails of the Southwest by MTB

Santiago do CacémCercal do AlentejoOdemiraOdeceixeBordeira/CarrapateiraSagres

Land Escape ~ Touro Azul


Along the Costa Vicentina

Porto CovoVila Nova de MilfontesAlmograveZambujeira do MarOdeceixe

Alentejo Coast DeLuxe

Porto CovoCercal do AlentejoVila Nova de MilfontesS.LuísAlmograveOdemiraZambujeira do MarOdeceixe

Rota Vicentina, along the southern trails

Bordeira/CarrapateiraVila do BispoCabo S.VicenteSagresSalemaLuzLagos

Walk the wild wonderful Vicentina Coast

Porto CovoVila Nova de MilfontesAlmograveZambujeira do MarOdeceixeAljezurBordeira/CarrapateiraVila do BispoSagres

Portugal Wild Coast

Santiago do CacémPorto CovoVila Nova de MilfontesOdeceixeAljezurBordeira/CarrapateiraVila do BispoSagres

Zaia ~ Touro Azul

Vila do Bispo

Faina ~ Touro Azul

Vila do Bispo

Walking Tour in Rota Vicentina & Algarve

OdeceixeAljezurBordeira/CarrapateiraVila do BispoSagres

Cobrilha de ferro ~ Touro Azul

S.Martinho das Amoreiras

Into the wild

Vila Nova de MilfontesAlmograveOdemiraZambujeira do MarS.TeotónioOdeceixe

Arrátel ~ Touro Azul

Santa Clara-a-Velha

Terra Crua ~ Touro Azul


Discovering the Alentejo & Algarve SW Coast

Porto CovoVila Nova de MilfontesAlmograveZambujeira do MarOdeceixeRogilAljezur24

Walking Meditation (Mindful Walking)

Cercal do AlentejoVila Nova de Milfontes

A Coast of Many Colours

Bordeira/CarrapateiraVila do BispoSagresLagos

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