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Rota Vicentina is much more than a hiking trail with its diverse and unique offers. It is a living network that connects people, territory and heritage, contributing to the sustainability of the rural areas of this special region.

There are different ways of contributing and collaborating behind the scenes of the development and preservation of Rota Vicentina and its region. You can help by giving your time on a singular or continuous basis, or by donating a financial contribution.

Donations – Support

The maintenance of the trails, the management and distribution of their information, spreading awareness and work in the environmental and socio-cultural fields, all of this is not possible without financial resources.

If you believe in this project and want to contribute financially, contact us to make a donation or become a member of the Association. You can do this as a company or individually.


If you live in this area or if you are planning to visit us soon, you can contribute by joining our fantastic and ever-growing and changing team of volunteers, without whom we would not be able to maintain so many kilometers of trails with the quality that we are truly proud of!

Experience and Suggestions

Have you been on the pedestrian trails of Rota Vicentina? Then you can help us do more and do better in understanding the thoughts and needs of who is really interested in this region and in our work. By answering this questionnaire you are helping us to do more and do better.

We only ask you for 5 minutes of your time. Thank you!

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