Route Signals

The Cycling Route Signals

Get to know the symbols used in the Rota Vicentina two-wheel network and don’t go the wrong way!

Viragem à Esquerda
Turn left
Seguir em Frente
Keep straight on
Viragem à Direita
Turn right
Percurso Errado
Wrong route
Perigos Diversos
Various Dangers
Percurso dois sentidos
Two way path
Áreas Protegidas
Route through protected area
Grandes Travessias
long distance MTB trail

Learn how to read the signals for two wheels!



MTB Centre approved by the Portuguese Cycling Federation (FPC)


indication of the direction to follow, which could be by the colours: yellow (MTB route), red (long distance MTB trail) or brown (routes in protected areas)

Colour of number

Level of difficulty of route: green (easy), blue (moderate), red (hard) or black (very hard).


Trail number


long distance MTB trail

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