O Sacas

O Sacas selo

O Sacas

Zambujeira do Mar

“O Sacas”, located nearby a small fishing harbour north of  Zambujeira do Mar, is a restaurant with 25 years of experience, where fish constitutes the main staple of its menu. With a long ocean tradition this old fishermen’s tavern breathes authenticity. At Sacas, one can taste beans with whelk, a shrimp, hake and clam stew, sole with traditional migas, ray with coriander or the famous pompano steaks Ti Ana style.

The fish comes directly from the place where it is auctioned, a few meters away from the restaurant, where it is bought according to tradition (the auctioneer starts at a high price and comes down until someone bids).
Therefore, any type of fish one eats at Sacas is guaranteed to be fresh and of the highest quality.

  • Regional food

  • i045PREISE
  • From 15€ to 25€

  • Wednesday (except on high season)

  • i033SPRACHEN
  • Portuguese and English

  • i026Öffnungszeiten
  • 12h30-00h00

  • i010Geschlossen:
  • December

  • i012KAPAZITÄT:
  • 82 dining room and 80 outdoor

  • Reservations accepted

  • i036Zahlungsmittel
  • Cash and debit cards

  • i016KONTAKTE
  • Ana Maria Pereira Rainha
    Entrada da Barca
    7630-764, Zambujeira do Mar
    T: (+351) 283 961 151
    M: (+351) 967 855 615
    GPS: 37°33’3.09″N / 8°47’28.25″W

  • i022VORSPEISEN :
  • Whelk salad: 8,50€
    Swim crabs: 30,00€ – 40,00€/kg (variable)

  • i008GETRÄNKE:
  • White (Fundação Eugénio de Almeida): 11,50€
    Red (Herdade dos Grous): 19,50€

  • Cooked french beans with limpets: 14,00€
    Greater weever breaded stakes with traditional migas: 13,00€

  • Ricotta cheese with pumpkin jam: 3,00€
    Carob tree beans, almonds and figs delight: 3,50€


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