Rota Vicentina’s promotional video won the 1st international award in the “Sustainable Tourism” category and the 2nd prize in the “Active Tourism” category at International Tourism Film Festival ART&TUR.

“Fall in Love with this Land” was doubly awarded at the ART&TUR International Tourism Film Festival, on October 25th, in Torres Vedras, in the most desired category for the team “Sustainable Tourism”, followed by the 2nd prize in the “Active Tourism” category.

It has been passed 6 years since Rota Vicentina’s last appearance at at this Festival, when she collected 5 awards, including the best film of the competition with “Rota Vicentina – Two Steps to Freedom”. The director team remained – with Danilo Warick in charge, director and author of the original song – but now the challenge was even more special: to respond to the necessary reflection on the future of tourism in the region, what sustainability is and how there to arrive.

Congratulations to all who participated in this video that is a true declaration of love to this land!

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