Manifesto Rota Vicentina

Community. The Rota Vicentina is the project of a true Community, of a group of people who share this land and are attached and dedicated to it. We believe in the power of an ideal, of union, of joint work and of the common good.

Life in this region is not what it was and the world has taken many turns. Globalisation has brought new ways of fishing, sowing, harvesting, buying, eating, walking, traveling… living.

But the Southwest is unique and indivisible: coastal and inland, Portuguese and foreigners, residents and visitors, local life and tourism.

We want to mobilise local resources and invest in a model of truly sustainable development.

We want to reject investments and initiatives that do not serve everyone and encourage ones that do not give up the essentials.

We want the impact of our life and consumption choices to be proudly taken by us and those who visit us.

We want to dialogue and work with this region, to give it as much as it has to give us. Using hands, alchemy, creativity and knowledge to transform what the land and sea give us, in much of what we need to eat, drink, use or smile.

We want the inspiration of this place to gain wings and become real stories, to relive countless times and add our full stop, when the time comes.

We want everyone to be able to know what this land has always been and what it continues to be every day, so that, with new energy, we can accompany and enrich this joint journey.

We embrace this movement that the people of the Southwest started and we want to give it strength, form, openness, reflection, action, citizenship. It is urgent to participate, today and always. Only with an open heart can we, everyone and all together, feel the vibration of this land beneath our feet and let ourselves be guided by it.

Rota Vicentina – Association for the Promotion of Nature Tourism on the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast

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