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CACO – Associação de Artesãos do Concelho de Odemira

Escape to a landscape of beach, sea, cliffs and music. Through a musical tour guided by two interpreters, discover the unique history and way of living in this community, while listening to songs of memories. Here you can learn and discover the history of the fishing village of Carrapateira and the harsh life of the shellfishers.


Live music


Stories of local fishermens

Snack in a small port with a view to the sea – local gastronomy.

Vertical port


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  • Bordeira/Carrapateira

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  • Português

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  • From 93€ / pax.

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  • Guia

  • beinhaltet einige Aktivitäten mit moderaten bis anspruchsvollen Übungen

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  • max. 8 people

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The route begins along a wooden walkway that leads to Ribeira da Carrapateira where you will meet the guides of this tour, Anitxa and Tiago. They are two musicians who came to live in a community of this region in order to move away from a materialistic lifestyle and become more self-sufficient. After their presentation, the musical tour begins in the direction of the stream.

[Winter] Upon arrival, walk through the dunes covered with vegetation and learn about native plants and flowers. Stroll along the beach and then climb to a natural lookout point with its view of the sea, where the music does not fade.

[Summer – bring a bathing suit] Cross the stream to enter Praia da Bordeira. Walk along the beach until you reach the second crossing to the west, where you will climb to a natural lookout with its view of the sea​​, where the music will not fade.

Continuing by a path along the sea where you can learn more about the history of the land and the communities that came here to live. After, the group will visit a very old and peculiar small port, Portinho da Zimbreirinha. In this place you will learn a little about the present geology as well as the stories of the fishermen who used this port. Here there will be a snack served on the rocks and to the sound of the waves. The tour ends with a farewell song of this timeless landscape.

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