Black Pig Alentejo

Black Pig Alentejo selo

Black Pig Alentejo

Vila Nova Santo André – Santiago do Cacém

Inside a farm in Vila Nova de Santo André, municipality of Santiago do Cacém, the Black Pig Alentejo Distillery produces gin and the traditional ‘medronho’ firewater. And they are the only producer of rum in the Alentejo region.

This is a place where in addition to the production of alcoholic beverages it is possible to be visited by everyone and where the whole productive process is explained in detail.

Possible activities also go through gin, ‘medronho’ firewater and rum tasting, walks through the farm, botanical harvest and interaction with animals in the farm.

Here, the bet is to show the best of Alentejo, through the contact with nature, enjoying these typical landscapes, touching the trees, vegetation and botanic of Alentejo Litoral.


  • i033SPRACHEN
  • Portuguese, English, Spanish, German

  • Gin, rum and medronho firewater tasting
    MTB tours inside the farm
    Guided tours
    Thematic workshops
    Hiking tours
    Rural activities

  • All year

  • Passengers transfers, available by request

  • 1 pax

  • i036Zahlungsmittel
  • Cash, Debit cards, money transfer

  • i016KONTAKTE
  • Miguel Ângelo Nunes Herdade do Sobral 7500-011 Vila Nova de Santo André M: (+351) 926 752 603 GPS: 38.05014840946125 / -8.742388399412562



Gin Original (500ml bottle): 22€

Gin Montado Alentejano (500ml bottle): 35€

Aguardente de Medronho (500ml bottle): 25€

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