Get to know some of the videos you can also find on the Rota Vicentina Youtube Channel.

Promoting while creating awareness on the need to enjoy this precious region in a sustainable way is a difficult task, but this what Rota Vicentina was born to. And these videos have played an important role.

Histórias de BTT

Mais de 1000 km de trilhos. Mil e uma histórias.

Mais Amor a esta Terra

A partir do vídeo promocional “Fall in Love with this Land” lançado em 2018, apresentamos uma grande parte do material recolhido durante 12 dias de filmagens no território, numa versão sucedânea e alargada, incluindo várias entrevistas e reflexões e uma visão única sobre a cultura local desta região.

Fall in Love with this land

The challenge was lauched to Zoe Films and it is based on the necessary balance between the various types of usage of one of the regions most dear to both the Portuguese and foreigners alike, the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast, the area in which the Rota Vicentina is situated. Residents and tourists, Portuguese and foreigners, walkers amongst others, all united in their love for this land and in their willingness to invest together in a sustainable future.

Um Outro Olhar” - Os impactos da Rota Vicentina

Tourism cannot simply happen at any cost. We always new that the tourism industry would be part of this territory, but we also knew it had to be done well, sustainable.
Measuring and tracking the various impacts of tourism has always been our concern.

Discover Rota Vicentina

This video tells us about a day out on the trails with the local community.
The local people were always a foundation for the Rota Vicentina Associations. As the project evolves, the work with children and young people becomes a priority.

Rota Vicentina - Two Steps to Freedom

United by two outstandingly beautiful Portuguese regions, this coastal area combines Alentejo’s tranquility and romance with the only coastal stretch of Algarve that is truly genuine and wild. Nature, authentic rural life and a very mild climate, pampered by over 300 days of sunshine per year, make this region an unmissable destination for lovers of nature tourism.

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