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A new offer for cycling

Rota Vicentina premiers its first cycling routes with an official network of mountain biking trails, varied for each specific taste and level of cycling, for a unique experience with nature and the rural, authentic culture of the region.

Rural and hilly paths will take you through breathtaking landscapes and hidden villages, as you bike through the region and meet the locals who know these trails as part of their heritage and home.

At this stage, it is mainly the Municipality of Odemira these routes travel through. The routes themselves are organized into 5 nuclei, or start points. Since most of the circuits are circular, you can choose any starting point. As several tracks cross each other, you can also easily combine sections to create circuits best suited to each cyclist’s wishes.

The 38 courses are organized in 4 levels of difficulty and always have a um sentido de defined direction, so that the cyclists can do each route in autonomy and safety. The best time for biking is preferably from September to June.

For a better experience, visit the CMTB Center in Odemira and see the location of the Bike Stations and Bike Friendly accommodations preparados para o receber com o melhor suporte possível.

If you like MTB, then you have arrived to a seaside paradise. Welcome and enjoy your trip!


Download the GPS tracks on the individual pages of the routes and check the ones that are marked on the terrain.

There is a recommended direction for each route for your safety and the other users of the sections.

bikefriendly Accommodation and other services for cyclists Mapa Interactivo.

In some cases the routes are shared with hikers. Always give them priority.

The roads pass mainly along trails, dirt roads and public roads open to traffic where you can sometimes find cars.

Check the Help Guide for further sources of information and various available materials.

MTB network nuclei

All routes have as starting and ending points at one of the following locations, although 2 of them depart from Amoreiras-Gare, and can be considered as the nucleus within Colos. New starting points of the routes can be chosen according to your preference or location of your accommodation. Get to know the nuclei and find the ideal route for your expectations!

São Teotónio
São Teotónio
São Luís
São Luís
Santa Clara-a-Velha
Santa Clara-a-Velha

Signage MTB routes network

Viragem à Esquerda
Seguir em frente
Viragem à direita
Viragem à direita
Percurso errado
Perigos diversos
Percurso dois sentidos
Áreas protegidas
Grandes travessias

Difficulty Levels of MTB Routes


Accessible for beginners with or without experience and with little physical resistance.

Rolling terrain, hardened or asphalt with path width >1,5m . Practically flat (grade less than 10% with an average of less than 5%, without obstacles).


Accessible to practitioners with little experience, minimal technique and normal physical endurance.

Firm or stable ground with path width> 1,0m. With small obstacles (height <0.2m) and few technical sections and paths (grade less than 15% with an average of less than 10%).


For experienced practitioners, with good technical ability and good physical stamina, with quality bikes.

Variable ground with various obstacles, drops (height <0.5m). technical sections and challenging grade (maximum grade can be higher than 15%, but inferior to 20%).

Very Hard

For practitioners with a lot of experience and high physical stamina, with quality bikes.

Very technical with large and non-avoidable obstacles (height> 0.5m), high grade (maximum grade of 20% and unpredictable tread).

MTB Center


A tourism and sports infrastructure to support mountain bikers and other cycling activities in the village of Odemira, with a place suitable for cleaning and maintenance of bicycles, toilets and an Information Panel that shows the whole network of routes.

The center and the entire network of routes are certified by the Portuguese cyclists union / Portuguese Cycling Federation and integrate the initiative of the Cycling and Mountain Bike Centers throughout the country.

Bike Station


UInfrastructures to support MTB cyclists distributed throughout the territory, with basic equipment for cleaning and maintenance of bicycles, accessible to all cyclists.

Bike Friendly Accommodation


Accommodation with the appropriate infrastructure for your comfort and security for your bicycle, integrated within the network of partners of Rota Vicentina.

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